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Gillfor Distribution Weyerhaeuser Partnership

Gillfor Weyerhaeuser Media Release Aug 2023


Gillfor Distribution is pleased to announced today that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Weyerhaeuser to distribute its line of Truss Joist® Engineered Wood products in the Western Canadian market. The agreement brings together Weyerhaeuser’s extensive Truss Joist® product line and Gillfor Distribution’s six strategically located Distribution Centers from British Columbia to Manitoba, along with two teams working collaboratively to maximize Truss Joist® presence in the marketplace. This partnership will provide operational synergies and advantages to both companies.

The companies will continue to work on the logistics with a formal target launch of January 1st, 2024. Additional details to follow later.

“Gillfor’s mandate has always been to align with Triple-A vendors in the product categories we participate in. Partnering with Weyerhaeuser on the Truss Joist® portfolio reinforces this mandate, and we couldn’t be more excited to help promote this market-leading brand!”

– Bob Dosanjh, CEO of Gillfor Distribution

“Weyerhaeuser is pleased to partner with Gillfor to enhance the availability of Truss Joist® products across Western Canada. Gillfor’s extensive distribution network will improve our ability to service all customers in all markets.”

– Peter Wood, Sales Director, Canada.

About Gillfor:

Gillfor Distribution is a leading distributor of building products and is Canada’s largest privately held distribution company. It is proudly 100% Canadian-owned and operated, with 14 strategically located distribution centers across the country. Gillfor has deeply entrenched relationships with world-class vendors and possesses a robust salesforce to ensure that customers receive the best products and the best service possible. Gillfor Distribution is your one-stop-shop for residential, commercial, and industrial building materials from coast to coast! Learn more at

About Weyerhaeuser:

Weyerhaeuser is one of the world’s largest forest products companies and began operations in 1900. The company’s wood products business offers leading structural frame materials and OSB products, software, and technical support for residential, multi-family, and light commercial construction under the Weyerhaeuser and Truss Joist® brand names. Weyerhaeuser is also one of the largest building products distributors in the U.S., offering products through more than 350 suppliers. Weyerhaeuser manages its timberlands on a sustainable basis in compliance with internationally recognized forestry standards, and all of the company’s structural wood products are certified to the SFI® standard. In 2022, Weyerhaeuser generated approximately $10.2 billion in net sales and employed approximately 9,200 people who serve customers worldwide. Learn more at

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